Epilog to Flying Squirrel Story.

Howard L Greer

October, 2008,

The story you may have just read regarding our first encounter with our backyard Flying Squirrels, was written in 1994. It covered our discovery, and one complete cycle of the same show script that has now endured more or less for 15 years  . Each year they virtually disappear in August, no longer showing up for the sunflower seed feast. Each year we have had to deal with the competing raccoons, throughout the entire time we placed the nightly feeding on the squirrel feeder, and each year in March we would start the process over again and hope the  flying squirrels would return. Every year we have been rewarded with the season beginning anew with the same routine. One or two would be spotted, then the nightly numbers growing until usually in May or early June when the zenith in numbers would be reached. The most I have counted on the feeder in one night was 30. That was the Spring of 2001.

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And now  the 2008 spring and summer have come and gone, and once again the flyers did not disappoint. They were here in moderate numbers and the nightly raccoon vs flying squirrel drama was once again played most every night.


Click on the picture for the August 2008 Journal Page.

Click Here for the 2008 flying squirrel video

Since they have not disappointed us to this point,  I can't help but believe that since they were  here, and we had not known it for so long a time, and by chance, one evening, happened to be in the right place at the right time to make the discovery, that this must surely be an occurrence that is or  could be duplicated in countless backyards in cities and in the suburbs. For those of you who would be interested, It is certainly worth a try.

To see them glide in flight is a treat that provides the viewer with a sense of wonder, and delight.

Give it a try and perhaps you will see what I mean.


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